With more than 30 years experience in the field of Immigration Law, I know the importance of compassionate mentorship in achieving excellence.

It is my vision and sincere desire to provide mentorship and support to those courageous, dedicated and often frazzled attorneys who provide the essential legal representation that immigrants so desperately need.

My practice focuses on research, writing, editing and strategic planning support for removal defense attorneys.

Let my experience and skills superpower your practice, help relieve your stress and provide the best possible representation for your clients.


Would you like to improve your writing skills in order to better serve your clients? I can help you make your written work cleaner and clearer, more persuasive and better supported, so that you can convince the judge or the Board of Immigration Appeals of your position and win your case for your client.
Are you too busy to come up with even a first draft? Do you love being in court, but hate writing and research? I have excellent research skills and a broad and deep knowledge of all aspects of removal defense.
Do you ever just need to talk through how to approach a complex case? I have very good instincts about what works, and what doesn’t, in persuading a judge to your point of view.

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In more than 30 years as an advocate, teacher and judge in the field of Immigration Law, I have seen many attacks on our immigrant population. But in all those years, I have never seen an attack as broad, concerted and intense as what we are seeing now.In considering how I might use my skills, knowledge and passion to respond to this all-out attack on immigrants, I was drawn to providing support to the caring and committed community of attorneys which constitutes the best resource available to those facing removal proceedings.

So, when you have a complicated removal defense case, let me provide that extra measure of strategic support, skilled research and writing, trial advocacy coaching and knowledge that could make the difference for your clients between staying here or having to leave the country they call home.

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Carol King

Carol King




"Having known and worked with Carol for more than two decades, I recommend her with great confidence and pleasure. Carol has a brilliant mind and a caring heart. She is dedicated to her core to helping immigrants achieve justice. Her vast experience (including more than 20 years as an immigration judge) provides her with insights few possess. I highly value her analysis and judgment."

Jeffrey Chase

Immigrant Lawyer/Attorney Advisor for the Board of Immigration Appeals/Immigration Judge (Ret)

I have known Carol King for at least 35 years, including serving together for 21 years on the immigration bench. Immigration Law is truly a passion for her, from exploring the complex tapestry of law to the very personal circumstances of the people involved. Carol is dedicated and completely focused. She thoroughly researches issues and painstakingly crafts persuasive arguments. Her wealth of experience in private practice, teaching and presiding over complex cases gives her a vast knowledge which she uses to get to the heart of the matter and make strong strategic decisions. Carol King understands the experiences of immigration counsel, the anxiety, the frustration, and the absolute joy when things work out for one's clients. As long as I have known her, her door has always been open to discuss issues and formulate theories. She has my highest recommendation for mentoring, editing, performing research or drafting argument.

Polly Webber

Consultant to the Public Defender's office/Immigration Law Trainer/Former President, American Immigration Lawyers Association/Immigration Judge (Ret)

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